About Sooz Functional Artwork
Sooz Functional Artwork is the result of the creative and business efforts of Susan (Sooz) and Steve Monken. Established in 1993 in Southern California, Sooz created "functional artwork" by hand, painting home furnishings and interior decoration. Realizing the efforts and time needed was not efficient she began using computers and screen printing. If you remember those early days of personnel computers you would know the difficulty associated with graphics programs. Unfortunately, soon afterward Los Angeles experienced disastrous events that precluded establishing Sooz products in the local market. Although well received, the economic downturn resulting from civil unrest, earthquake, fires and floods left her with little choice of in deciding to stay. And so, we packed up and started over.

Greetings from Tennessee.

Sooz's shop is located in the beautiful foothills of Eastern Tennessee, along the shore of Cherokee Lake.

Sue is a formally trained fine artist. Beginning her art training at the age of nine Sue has made art her lifelong passion and obtained her fine art degree in studio painting at the University of New Mexico and Sonoma State University (California), and of course, continues her studies to develop her skills. Sue is a proud member of the Artisans of Rural Tennessee (ARTs), a group of dedicated artisans who produce fine arts and crafts in the beautiful rural county of Grainger, located northeast of Knoxville, TN.

Sooz has designed a quilt pattern for the Appalachian Quilt Trail project. Her quilt "Tennessee Iris" is proudly on display on the Whitt's Barn here in Grainger County. It can be seen at www.vacationaqt.com/trail/waypoint/whitt-quilt-barn.htm or if you are ever in the neighborhood drive down Lakeshore Road just shy of the 2 mile marker on the south side of the road. Can't miss it.

Follow this link to see Sue's resume.