CAD is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Design. The technology of CAD goes back to the early 80's when computers used printers that "plotted" a design on paper. Later the plotter was fitted with a cutting knife and the new technique was introduced into industry. It has evolved into a line of products suited to the decorating industry, including our shop.

What CAD Cut Vinyl offers is a sharp lined image of consistent texture and color that can be cut to most any shape. Special vinyl's are available to make the image different from any other process. Aside from the usual choices of colors, vinyl's also come in special finishes like reflective, flock, metallic, and holographic. Look at the topics listed below and see how the CAD vinyl material can best suit your ideas.

1) Color choice for shirt and vinyl: Vinyl is cut from rolls so the amount used will consist of what you need plus scrap. If you have multiple colors the images are cut from different rolls of vinyl and heat pressed on the garment, one at a time. This is cost effective for small quantities of garments/colors and special images like names and team numbers. In the case of darker colored garments (Sooz screen prints with water based inks that dyes the fabric and dark shirts do not show the colors) this might be the best choice for a clear and sharp image.

2) Mix and match vinyl's: Different types of vinyl can be mixed to achieve different effects. It can be cut in patterns to overlap or to add dimensional effect, such as shadows. Reflective and non-reflective can be added for special emphasis. The images below show two examples of mixed applications. Colored reflective vinyl come in multiple colors and reflect white when seen from a distance. A silver vinyl containing reflective glass beads has a high degree of reflectivity and appears gray when seen under normal light.