How to Order from Sooz Functional Artwork

Ordering customized products is easy.

  1. VIA EMAIL: Drop us a line and let us know what you need. We will take care of your needs promptly. Click on this link: Send E-Mail

  2. BY PHONE: You can place your order or send in inquiry to us by calling 1.865.828.5747. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

  3. IN PERSON: Stop in to our showroom at 173 Alberts Cove, Rutledge, TN 37861 if you are local to East Tennessee. Or we can meet at a location more convienent to you if it's not too far. Call us and let's talk.


    Ordering Catalog Items is Easier.

    1. Just follow the PayPal links to order online. Items will be shipped upon notification from PayPal.
    2. Freight charges will be calculated prior to shipment unless indicated otherwise.