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Gusseted Canvas Shopping Bag , 12 ounce cotton canvas tote bas with 24 inch handles in a selection of contrasting colors. Measuring 14" wide by 12 inches tall and over 5 inches deep.

This bag carries all those items that are more than a handfull. It is softsided but will stand when filled.

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Gusseted Canvas Shopping Bag , 11 ounce cotton canvas with doubled bottom. Front pocket and long extra strong canvas handles and reinforcement. Measuring 19 1/2 inches wide, 14 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches deep.

This bag carries can carry shipboard supplies for your weekend or a trip to your favorite campground. Works well for an informal outing.

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Unstructured Cotton Canvas Tote Bag , 9 ounce cotton canvas tote bas with 22 inch handles in a selection of 5 bag colors (with natural handles). Measuring 15 " wide by 16 inches tall with a seamed bottom.

This is a promotional type product that has a good utility value when you want to provide an items with your message at a great cost. Unlike T shirts this item is one size fits all.

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65%/35% Polyester/Cottom Apron. Aprons are available in multiple colors and sizes. Available Styles range from food service to artisan and can be embroidered or printed.

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